Bei Sarah ist eine unglaubliche Energie zu spüren, die Widersprüche schafft und Spannungen aufbaut

Jazzpodium, 2013

Sarah BuechiHome

trio album - "Moon Trail" - CD review

NZZ Jazztip of the week - Manfred Papst (5 Sterne)


Trio CD Moon Trail - review

by Rigobert Dittmann - Bad Alchemy


on tour..

Trio November 2022 Tour Switzerland


Trio portrait - concert preview

Bieler Tagblatt - Tobias Graden

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Trio CD Moon Trail - review

Peter Rüedi, Weltwoche


New CD coming out in October 2022 on Intakt Records

Buechi/Hellmüller/Jerjen Trio "Moon Trail" Sarah Buechi - vocals, comp. Franz Hellmüller - guitar, comp. Rafael Jerjen - double bass, comp.


Little Boat (for Conan) - videoclip

dance - Mariyam Al-Baghdadi
camera - Simon Villiger
music - Buechi 7tet
mask - Denise Stettler


the paintress (+Jena philharmonic) - the recording sessions

video by Robert Wölfer


the paintress (+Jena philharmonic) - teaser

video by Robert Wölfer


Buechi/Hellmueller/Jerjen - New trio touring now

...delayed from the Corona restrictions here our trio concerts. Playing Jazz standards, Swiss folk songs and originals.

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CD release tour - the paintress

the paintress - We recorded our new album with the Jena Philharmonic in Oct 2020. Intakt Records released the album in September 2021. Now we are touring with the new songs in our septet. Planned are seven concerts in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.


Contradiction Of Happiness + Jena Philharmonic

Documentary video coming soon!


German Unity with Swiss accent

concert review by Hans Lehmann of "Contradiction of Happiness" + Jena Philharmonic 3.10.2020

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Seitenklang - The magazin of the Jena philharmonic

a little thank you to the JP...


Review COh 7tet + Jena philharmonic

"Symphonic Jazz by Sarah Buechi" written by Dietmar Ebert (5.10.2020 - Ostthüringer Zeitung)

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CD Recording with Jena Philharmonic coming up

Who would have thought that..? Despite Covid-19 my Swiss septet "Contradiction of Happiness" will be recording our new album and play three concerts with the Jena philharmonic end of September/beginning of October 2020. (Of course within the Corona-specific regulations). I wrote 13 pieces of music for Jazz septet and (chamber) Orchestra for this very special occasion.  I am very grateful to Thomas Eckardt from Jazzmeile Thüringen and Simon Gaudenz (conductor of the Jena philharmonic) for enabling this collaboration.


13 compositions are ready!

13 pieces for my septet "Contradiction Of Happiness" and the Jena Philharmonic. Finally printed and bound.. All original music of mine except from two arrangements of Swiss Folk songs. The line up: 25 musicians and the conductor Simon Gaudenz.. The music is ready.. I am excited..


ANIMATA - 2 videos - greetings from "Covid-19 - Island"

To our great regret, two ANIMATA concerts on May 9th had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. One at the Villa Sträuli in Winterthur (Switzerland) and one at the Heubacher Hauskonzerte in Waldshut/Tiengen (Germany). Instead we have now tried to record over distance an improvisation called "Voice i D" and an arrangement of the Swiss folk song "La haut sur la montagne". Here is our musical greeting to celebrate the first openings between Germany and Switzerland since the closing of the border.


ANIMATA - la haut sur la montagne

"La haut sur la montagne" - a traditional song from the french alps of Switzerland, influenced by Indian ragas and accompanied by chime bars, frame drum and shruti box


ANIMATA - Voice i D

"Voice i D" is our musical response to the virus.. improvisation for electronic wavedrum and voice - with lyrics inspired by the Covid-19 events..


Corona Virus

The situation with the Corona Virus isn't easy for us musicians. For now, already five concerts of mine have been cancelled this year because of it. I am trying to stay optimistic though and am working mainly on the material for the three concerts and CD recording planned with the Philharmonic Jena in October 2020.


Trio Buechi/Hellmüller/Pousaz preview @ Landbote, Winterthur

Interview and text by Tom Gsteiger Sarah Buechi - voc+comp Franz Hellmüller - guitar André Pousaz - bass

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Trio Buechi/Hellmüller/Pousaz preview @ Unerhört! 2019

From our premiere concert on Thu, 28th of November, 9.15 pm - Jazz in Winterthur/Theater am Gleis

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NRWision radio broadcast Contradiction of Happiness septet

NRWision radio will broadcast on the 30th of April 2019 a part of our recent concert at Red Horn District.


Contradiction of Happiness Tour Feb 2019

Six concerts in Germany and Estland..

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Le charme de Dame Buechi...

Luc Bouquet, Improjazz, February, 2019

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Sarah Buechi - Contradiction of Happiness + Philharmonic Jena

My "Contradiction of Happiness" septet with the 'Jena Philharmonic', live @ Trafo Station, Jena on November 5th 2018.

Jena Philharmonic
conductor: Simon Gaudenz

"Contradiction of Happiness" Septet

Sarah Buechi - vocals + lyrics + comp.
Stefan Aeby - piano
Arne Huber - double bass
Lionel Friedli - drums
Estelle Beiner - violin
Isabelle Gottraux - viola
Sara Oswald - cello

Initiator: Thomas Eckardt (Jazzmeile Jena)

Video: Robert Wölfer


Contradiction of Happiness Tour autumn 2018

Sept/Nov 2018 Flyer

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Kulturen aus Jazz Perspektive

Schaffhauser Nachrichten by Simon Müller

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Heimspiel weit gereister Sängerin

Linth-Zeitung, 09.11.2018

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Sarah Buechi singt vom Glück im Widerspruch

Glarner Nachrichten, 08/11/2018

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Fusion Musikalischer Energien

Sarah Buechi und ihr Septett trafen im „Trafo“ auf ein Kammerensemble der Jenaer Philharmonie by Dietmar Ebert Foto: Tina Peissker 05_11_2018

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Ein Feiner Hauch Südindischer Klassik

Schaffhausen Agenda, Oct 29 2018, by Luca Miozzari

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COH + Jenaer Philharmony Preview

Thorsten Büker / 23.10.18

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Medienmitteilung Alte Fabrik, Rapperswil

Rapperswil‐Jona, 10. Oktober 2018

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Jazz Around on 'Contradiction of Happiness'

Sept 11 2018, by Yves "Joseph Boulier"

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Eigenwilliger Sound und Stil

Die Oberbadische, Sept 2018, by Beatrice Ehrlich

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Culture Jazz France on 'Contradiction of Happiness'

Aug 2018 by Jean Buzelin

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Cadence Magazine on 'Contradiction Of Happiness'

July 2018, by Mark Klafter

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ANIMATA, Jazzpodium, Juni 2018

ANIMATA mentioned in the Jazzpodium, Juni 2018, by Michael Schaust

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Concerto #2 on 'Contradiction of Happiness'

June 2018, by Martin Schuster

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Flott Stemme

Tor Hammerø, Nettavisen, June 2018

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Downbeat on 'Contradiction of Happiness'

June 2018 (US), by Scott Yanow


Jazzwise on 'Contradicton of Happiness'

June 2018, by Selwyn Harris

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Distrijazz, Lisbon on 'Contradiction of Happiness'

Time Out Lisboa, 28. Marco - 3. April 2018


Von Glück und Widerspruch - Interview Jazzpodium

by Thorsten Meyer, Jazzpodium, April 2018

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New CD OUT - ANIMATA (Duality)

The new CD ANIMATA -Duality will be released on the 12th of April 2018 and from then on will be downloadable as well on all the known download sites.


5 stars @ Jazz'n'More

5 stars @ Jazz'n'More with our new CD "Contradiction Of Happiness" Text by Steff Rohrbach


Bad Alchemy about "Contradiction Of Happiness"

Review of the new album "Contradiction Of Happiness" @ Bad Alchemy, Rigobert Dittman


Neuer Streich mit Streichern - Porträt Jazz'n'More

Interview and album critic by Steff Rohrbach, Jazz'n'More, March/April 2018

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Glück und Widersprüche

Review concert "Contradiction Of Happiness" @ Frankenthal, March 2018 by Marie Braun, Rheinpfalz, 5.3.2018

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Umtriebige Eidgenossin

Preview "Contradiction Of Happiness" Konzert @ Frankenthal, 3. März 2018 by Birgit Müthrath, Rheinpfalz, 24.2.2018

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Contradiction of Happiness - preview Tuesday Jazz

20th of February 2018, Tuesday Jazz, Solothurn

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Contradiction of Happiness - CD Release Tour ahead!

I am so happy to be able to announce our CD Release Tour in Feb 2018. Nine concerts in Switzerland and Germany. Sarah Buechi - Contradiction of Happiness Sarah Buechi - voc + comp. Stefan Aeby - piano André Pousaz - double bass Lionel Friedli - drums Estelle Beiner - vio Isabelle Gottraux - viola Sara Oswald - cello


ANIMATA - new CD in preparation

In January 2018 we ll work once more in the Subtone studio in Dortmund (D) to finish the recordings of our new and second album. ANIMATA Christoph Haberer - drums, electronics, comp. Sarah Buechi - voice, lyrics, comp.


Sarah Buechi - Contradiction of Happiness (teaser video)

Our new album will be released on Intakt Records in February 2018.
I finally made a dream of mine come true and added three string players to our Swiss Jazzquartett.
As I am playing the violin myself since the age of five, this was an important step to me as a composer.
Here our teaser video for a first impression.
(Video by Jonas Ruppen)

Sarah Buechi - Contradiction of Happiness

Sarah Buechi - voc + comp.
Stefan Aeby - piano
André Pousaz - double bass
Lionel Friedli - drums
Estelle Beiner - violin
Isabelle Gottraux - viola
Sara Oswald - cello


Buechi Septett - We recorded our new CD!!

Two long rehearsals and three intense days @ 'Hardstudios Winterthur' with sound engineer Andy Neresheimer and the wonderful musicians listed below.. Thanks so much to all of you for your great effort and endurance! Many thanks also to the team of the 'Hardstudios' for your great hospitality. A special thanks to Susanne Abbuehl for her musical coaching day during our 3rd tutti rehearsal. And many, many thanks to SRF and Peter Buerli for your support of our new album!!! Buechi Septett - the contradiction of happiness Sarah Buechi - voice + comp Stefan Aeby - piano André Pousaz - double bass Lionel Friedli - drums Estelle Beiner - violin Isabelle Gottraux - viola Sara Oswald - cello


Wood n Bones Quartet + Shadow Garden @ Intakt Festival, London

Intakt Records Zurich organizes a festival in London from 16th until 27th of April 2017. It will take place at the Vortex Jazz Club. I will be playing with a newly composed project called 'Wood n' Bones Quartet' with Lauren Kinsella (voc), John Edwards (db) and Hannah Marshall (cello) as well as with my Swiss quartet 'Shadow Garden' with Stefan Aeby (piano), André Pousaz (db) and Lionel Friedli (dr). Read here an interview about these two projects and the festival written by Sebastian Scotney (London Jazz News) 19th of April 2017 - Wood n Bones Quartet @ Shoreditch Church, London (Pre Premiere) 21st of April 2017 - Wood n Bones Quartet @ Intakt Festival, Vortex, London (Premiere) 22nd of April 2017 - Shadow Garden Quartet @ Intakt Festival, Vortex, London (Premiere) with reception at 7pm (organized by the Swiss Embassy)


review - Shadow Garden - Jazzkeller Villingen Dez 2016

newspaper: Jazzkurier Villingen date: 4.12.2016 by (fsc)

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preview - Shadow Garden - Jazzkeller Villingen Dez 2016

newspaper: Südkurier Villingen date: 30.11.2016

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Review ANIMATA _October 2016 Nordwestrheinfalen-Tour


ANIMATA - Jazzpodium Haberer Interview, Oktober 2016

text: Thorsten Meyer photo: Claus Pilz CD: Sarah Buechi & Christoph Haberer "ANIMATA" 2015, JazzHausMusik

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Review Shadow Garden Jazzclub Lörrach

newspaper: Die Oberbadische date: 21.6.2016 by Ursula König

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Review Shadow Garden Jazzclub Lörrach

newspaper: Badische Zeitung date: 20.6.2016 by Thomas Loisl Mink

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Shadow Garden @ Schaffhausen Jazzfestival 2016

See here the festival flyer

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review ANIMATA CD (FAZ, 14th of March 2016)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 14. März 2016 ANIMATA Christoph Haberer - drums, electronics Sarah Buechi - lyrics, voice Und das noch I can't find any prototype for this CD, no similar way of connecting the vocal and instrumental concepts of sound: 'Animata' (Jazzhaus Musik). It is the result of the collaboration of the young Swiss vocalist Sarah Buechi with her English lyrics and the widely experienced percussionist Christoph Haberer who seems to travel between ethnological research, machined astetics and electronical sound fantasies. Buechi has proven herself to have a versatile way of singing. She possesses an almost girly and beautiful cantilena, which she can colour in marvelous ways or fuse with metal but from which she can distance herself as well with whispering passages, speech bubbles, yodel like colours and dramatic outbreaks. The lyrics are all written by her. One is encouraged to read along with them at least once. They deal with wondrous love dreams, hunger for wisdom, love, joy, are cryptic, ordinary, philosophical, surreal, metaphysical. While consuming the total work of art the lyrics play a minor role or even no role at all during the oustanding musical events and their totally different course on this journey. As for example in one piece where both knock about with sensefree scats. (u.o. FAZ, 14th of March 2016) buy it here:


Jazz N More - 5 stars for 'Elsewhere' CD

Christy Doran's newest 'New Bag' - CD 'Elsewhere' receives 5 stars and is the 'CD recommendation' in the Jazz n' More magazine (January, 2016). Text by Steff Rohrbach Christy Doran's New Bag Christy Doran - comp. + guitar Sarah Buechi - voice + lyrics Vincent Membrez - minimoog + rhodes Lionel Friedli - drums

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Shadow Garden got 5 Stars in Jazz N' More

Our newest album called 'Shadow Garden' received 5 stars and is the 'CD recommendation' in the Jazz N' More magazine (January, 2016). Text by Steff Rohrbach

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Shadow Garden and ANIMATA CD Review, Jazzpodium, Dec 2015

Jazzpodium, Dec 2015 written by Volker Doberstein


CD review 'Elsewhere' (New Bag)

Jazzthetik, January 2016 by Stefan Pieper

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CD of the week at Radio RABE

RADIO RABE Today, CD of the Week broadcasted within 'Jazz am Sunntig', 11 am.. go and listen.. order CD on


Review CD 'Elsewhere', Neue Luzerner Zeitung

Review of Pirmin Bossart about new CD 'Elsewhere' (Double Moon Records);art128769,633280


SRF Jazz Aktuell - CD Shadow Garden

listen to the Interview about the new CD 'Sarah Buechi - Shadow Garden' with Jodok Hess within the program 'Jazz Aktuell', broadcasted on Tuesday, 24th of November 2015, 8-9pm (The Interview takes place on the track from 5'52 until 22'50.)


Review Shadow Garden in Italy


Interview Jazzpodium November 2015

Text by Thorsten Meyer Photo by Linda Polleri

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Review new CD 'Shadow Garden' NZZ

'Komplex, frei, spontan' by Manfred Papst

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Portrait University Magazine Lucerne, Oct 2015

Text by Tatjana Stocker, Photo by Linda Pollari

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15th of October 2015 is the release date of ANIMATA's first CD!! Label: JazzHausMusik ANIMATA Christoph Haberer - drums + electronics Sarah Buechi - voice + lyrics


Poster Aurodhan Garden, Pondicherry

ANIMATA will be playing concerts in South India from the 30th of September until the 10th of October 2015.


Interview Handelszeitung - Inline, Lucerne

a portrait by Mirjam Oertli Foto by Linda Polleri


ANIMATA on Tour in India

With concerts in different parts of South of India, ANIMATA will be a musical guest of the Goethe Institutes Bangalore, Trivandrum and Chennai and furthermore play at the Gallery Audhoran in Pondicherry, at Jazz Goa through the German Council in Goa, the B-Flat in Bangalore and, very importantly to me, we will be a part of the Golden Jubilee of KCP, school of my wonderful gurus' Sri T.A.S. Mani and Srimati Ramamani. Happy Birthday, KCP!


Review Flying Letters @ Musikwoche Braunwald

This was our last concert with our album Flying Letters. We ll have a summer break and will be back in the autumn 2015 with concerts and our new album called 'Shadow Garden'.

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Authorized CVT Teacher

After 3 years of studies I am now an 'Authorized CVT Teacher' together with 46 other singers all over Europe and the States


New CD Shadow Garden recorded!!

Two weeks ago we recorded our new album - Shadow Garden - in the Hard Studio in Winterthur. The release on the Swiss label Intakt Records will take place in October 2015! Sarah Buechi - voice, lyrics + composition Stefan Aeby - piano André Pousaz - double bass Lionel Friedli - drums Many thanks to Radio Studio DRS and Peter Bürli, Andy Neresheimer, our sound engineer, the Hard studio team and Susanne Abbuehl for her musical guidance


London meets Switzerland

London meets Switzerland at Jazzahead Bremen in front of the stall of Intakt Records. Enjoying myself in between two great musicians... From left to right: Lucas Niggli, Sarah Buechi and Liam Noble


television broadcasting of WDR3 jazzfest

Here a link to the live streamed sum-up of the whole WDR3 Jazzfest, where I played a concert with German sax and clarinet player Niels Klein in a collaboration called 'wiresongs' on the 29th of January 2015. Niels Klein - cl+ comp. Sarah Buechi - voice + comp. Frank Wingold - guitar + comp. Matthias Nowak - double bass Etienne Nillesen - drums


WDR3 Jazzfest Dortmund, Wiresongs

'...the two most appealing aspects of the project were the particular way Sarah Buechi asserted simple melodic hooks and made them stick - Meant Forever in particular came across as a very strong song indeed - and the Jimmy Guiffre chalumeau tones of Klein's Bb clarinet and alto clarinet playing...Among the band members, both guitarist Frank Wigold, who had also composed one of the songs, and bassist Matthias Nowak, who underpinned the many mood transitions very effectively, left a strong impression. ' (Sebastian Scotney) broadcasting dates: Monday, 09.03.2015 20.05-22.00 Uhr WDR 3 Jazzfest Dortmund 2015 
 Kaja Draksler
Kaja Draksler – p Sarah Buechi/Niels Klein Wiresongs
 Sarah Buechi – voc, Niels Klein – cl, Frank Wingold – g, Matthias Akeo Nowak – b, Etienne Nillesen – dr Aufnahmen vom 28. und 29. Januar 2015 aus dem Domicil, Dortmund Mit Karsten Mützelfeldt


FLYING LETTERS concert Berlin broadcasted on WDR 3

WHEN? Thursday, 15th of January 20.05Uhr WDR 3 Konzert "51st Jazzfest Berlin 2014" Sarah Buechi "Flying Letters" Johanna Borchert "Desert Road" Aufnahmen aus dem A-Trane, Berlin


Rang 3 für beste Schweizer CD des Jahres 2014!

nice look-back for Flying Letters


Christoph Haberer & Sarah Buechi – ANIMATA

live @ 21st Jazzdays, Domicil Dortmund, DE
19th of November 2014

Christoph Haberer - drums, electronics, comp.
Sarah Buechi - vocals, lyrics, comp.


Christoph Haberer & Sarah Buechi - ANIMATA


live @ 21st Jazzdays, Domicil Dortmund, DE
19th of November 2014

Christoph Haberer - drums, electronics, comp.
Sarah Buechi - vocals, lyrics, comp.


Christoph Haberer & Sarah Buechi – ANIMATA


live @ 21st Jazzdays, Domicil Dortmund, DE
19th of November 2014

Christoph Haberer - drums, electronics, comp.
Sarah Buechi - vocals, lyrics, comp.


Sarah Buechi - Flying Letters - the answer is yes (live @ Berlin Jazzfest 2014)

Sarah Buechi - Flying Letters

live @ Berlin Jazzfest in the legendary and charming venue A-TRANE on the 30th and 31st of October 2014.

Sarah Buechi - voice, comp
Stefan Aeby – piano
André Pousaz – double bass
Lionel Friedli - drums

This song is called 'the answer is yes'.. It s kind of a love song but also about realizing the naivety and superficiality of a relationship.. the ending of the song isn' t a happy one.


Sarah Buechi - Flying Letters - addictions (live @ Berlin Jazzfest 2014)

live @ Berlin Jazzfest im legendären und charmanten Jazzclub A-TRANE am 30. und 31. Oktober 2014.

Dieser Song heisst 'addictions' und ist auf unserem ersten Album bei Intakt Records dieses Jahr erschienen. Der Song handelt von den kleineren und grösseren Süchten, die unser Leben oder unseren Tagesablauf mitbestimmen.. Während des Songs kommuniziert die personifizierte 'Sucht' direkt mit ihrem Opfer, dem Menschen...


Sarah Buechi - Flying Letters - comfort of illusions (live @ Berlin Jazzfest 2014)

live @ Berlin Jazzfest im legendären und charmanten Jazzclub A-TRANE am 30. und 31. Oktober 2014.

Und nun eine Vorkost zum neuen Album, dessen Kompositionen am Entstehen sind und im Mai 2015 im Radiostudio Zürich aufgenommen werden.
Der Song 'comfort of illusions' diskutiert die Begriffe 'Liebe', 'Gott' und 'Freiheit' und kritisiert die daraus entstehenden Interpretationen, Missbräuche und Missverständnisse.


WDR Jazzmeeting - Animata live

ANIMATA (Christoph Haberer drums/elctronics + Sarah Buechi, voice Radio broadcast of the 22nd of November 2014 with three songs from our concert in the Domicil, Dortmund; '21. Jazztage Domicil' + interview with Domicil-Programmer Waldo Riedl about our duo. At about 1 hour into the program you can hear our three songs 'Mensura/Brother of Sleep', 'Sodele' and 'Labyrintus'. Enjoy!


Flying Letters Promo Video

Let me introduce you to Flying Letters...


SRF2 Culture - world class - summer concerts (Swiss radio programme)

Added to the radio broadcast on the 5th of Septemeber 2014, this short online interview can be accessed now as well:


New Bag at Schaffhausen Jazzfestival 2014

The song 'Take the Floor and Lift the Roof' from our performance with Christy Doran's New Bag.


New Bag at Schaffhausen Jazzfestival 2014

The song 'Techno Sketches' out of our slot from the 16th of May 2014 with Christy Doran's New Bag...


Jazz'n'more, Mai-Juni 2014

by Steff Rohrbach


Jazz N' More Switzerland, Cd review Flying Letters

SARAH BUECHI Flying Letters Sarah Buechi (voc), Stefan Aeby (p), André Pousaz (b), Lionel Friedli (dr) Intakt 229 (5 stars) Sarah Buechi ist eine äusserst eigenständige Künstlerin. Ihre facetten- und farbenreiche Stimme und ihre Songs entziehen sich der Kategorisierung. Sie ist eine Vokalistin, die ihr Instrument auf vielfältigste Weise einsetzt und ihren persönlichen, unverwechselbaren Ausdruck findet. Wir begegnen hier nicht herkömmlichem Jazzgesang und Standards, sondern einer nach allen Seiten offenen und doch strukturierten Musik. Buechi geht konsequent und bewusst ihren Weg und erschliesst mit ihren Kompositionen und unpathetischen Texten Neuland. Sie studierte bei Lauren Newton und Susanne Abbühl, hat sich mit Steve Coleman auseinandergesetzt, war eineinhalb Jahre in Indien und reiste nach Ghana. All ihre Erfahrungen bilden das Fundament ihrer feinen Musik, ihrer klangvollen Forschungsarbeit. Beeindruckend, wie sie nuancenreich zwischen Brust- und Kopfstimme changiert, langgezogene, überlagerte Sequenzen, schnelle Rhythmen, Lautes, Gehauchtes, Zerbrechliches, Text und Melodie verbin det und die einzelnen Stimmen des Quartetts zur gemeinsamen Sprache verschmelzen lässt. Dazu hat sie absolut passende Partner: Stefan Aeby, André Pousaz und Lionel Friedli spielen auf technisch hohem Niveau und äusserst sensibel, nehmen Buechis Geschichten auf und bringen sie wunderbar zum Klingen. (Steff Rohrbach)


Swiss National Radio Channel DRS 2

DRS 2 will broadcast a short interview about my new Cd 'Flying Letters' (Intakt 229) next tuesday (18th of February 2014) between 8pm and 9pm.


Article in the NZZ (newspaper Zurich) on Sunday

I had the honor of getting interviewed by Manfred Papst of the NZZ. The interview will be published on coming sunday the 9th of February 2014.

PDF Read PDF file(365 Ko)


Jazzpodium, Germany wrote about Flying Letters

Jazzpodium just published an article about my new project. You can check it out here on the website of Intakt Records: Also for more informations on the release and to purchase a CD look at following links:


NZZ Flying Letters 2014

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New album - FLying Letters

Dear all, After my residency in New York in 2011 I have now recorded the resulting new compositions in the summer last year in the radio studio of DRS and the release is just around the corner... We are very happy to have a contract with the label intakt records, Switzerland. See our first concerts starting soon in my home country and come along... Sarah Buechi - Flying Letters Sarah Buechi - vocals Stefan Aeby - piano André Pousaz - double bass Lionel Friedli - drums


Christy Doran's New Bag - Three Punk Chords Tango

Live @ Moods, Zürich, 2013
Three Punk Chords Tango, Christy Doran, Suisa

Sarah Buechi, vocals
Christy Doran, guitar
Vincent Membrez, keys
Lionel Friedli, drums


Christoph Stiefel's Isorhythm Orchestra

Sarah Buechi, voc
Matthieu Michel, flh
Domenic Landolf, tsax, bcl
Adrian Mears, tromb
Arne Huber, b
Kevin Chesham, dr
Christoph Stiefel, p, comp

© Schaffhauser Jazzfestival 2013



Sarah Buechi's THALi @ 12 POINTS DUBLIN 2013

From Lucerne, Sarah Buechi's THALi performing "Vidya mani"
Sarah Buechi's THALi are a Swiss group with an equilibrium that marries the rhythmic treasures of the Indian sub-continent with a sophisticated Western approach to artful song based structures.
"This evolving artist is making inroads in bridging the two traditions, jazz and traditional Indian music, to create an arresting fusion of styles" - RTE Lyric FM


Time - Free Fall - NCH Dublin

Time - written by Sarah Buechi
Played by Free Fall
Ed Rosenberg - tenor saxophone & beatbox
Sarah Buechi - vocals
Justin Carroll - rhodes


Trilogue at the Bray Jazz Festival

Taken from Trilogue's final concert, at the 2011 Bray Jazz Festival, playing Bartok's Mikrokosmos 151

Sarah Buechi - voice
Izumi Kimura - piano
Ronan Guilfoyle - bass

Next concerts

Matthias Schriefl - Geläut
100 Jahre "der dicke Pitter"
Köln, DE
Matthias Schriefl - Geläut
100 Jahre "der dicke Pitter"
Köln, DE
Matthias Schriefl - Geläut
Kaufbeuren, DE
Buechi/Hellmüller/Jerjen Trio - Moon Trail
Jazzclub Bamberg
Bamberg, DE
Buechi/Hellmüller/Jerjen Trio - Moon Trail
Zum Hut
Uster, CH
Buechi/Hellmüller/Jerjen Trio - Moon Trail
Basel, CH