…diese Sinfonie aus Schrei, Kantilene und Sprache wirkt… erzmusikalisch durchdrungen.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 7.2.2014

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Buechi Septett - We recorded our new CD!!

Two long rehearsals and three intense days @ 'Hardstudios Winterthur' with sound engineer Andy Neresheimer and the wonderful musicians listed below..
Thanks so much to all of you for your great effort and endurance!
Many thanks also to the team of the 'Hardstudios' for your great hospitality.
A special thanks to Susanne Abbuehl for her musical coaching day during our 3rd tutti rehearsal.
And many, many thanks to SRF and Peter Buerli for your support of our new album!!!

Buechi Septett - the contradiction of happiness

Sarah Buechi - voice + comp
Stefan Aeby - piano
André Pousaz - double bass
Lionel Friedli - drums
Estelle Beiner - violin
Isabelle Gottraux - viola
Sara Oswald - cello


Wood n Bones Quartet + Shadow Garden @ Intakt Festival, London

Intakt Records Zurich organizes a festival in London from 16th until 27th of April 2017.
It will take place at the Vortex Jazz Club.

I will be playing with a newly composed project called 'Wood n' Bones Quartet' with Lauren Kinsella (voc), John Edwards (db) and Hannah Marshall (cello) as well as with my Swiss quartet 'Shadow Garden' with Stefan Aeby (piano), André Pousaz (db) and Lionel Friedli (dr).

Read here an interview about these two projects and the festival written by Sebastian Scotney (London Jazz News)


19th of April 2017 - Wood n Bones Quartet @ Shoreditch Church, London (Pre Premiere)

21st of April 2017 - Wood n Bones Quartet @ Intakt Festival, Vortex, London (Premiere)

22nd of April 2017 - Shadow Garden Quartet @ Intakt Festival, Vortex, London (Premiere) with reception at 7pm (organized by the Swiss Embassy)


Review ANIMATA CD December 2015

Only discovered now...
Review by the Jazzthetik of our Debut Album ANIMATA

„Ein Schlagwerkkünstler, der Elektronik als wichtigen Baustein seiner Trommelkunst sieht, und ein Stimme, die sich gekonnt in vokale Abenteuer stürzt – das sind die Zutaten des Duoalbums von Drummer Christoph Haberer und Sängerin Sarah Buechi. Zwischen Komposition und Improvisation  schaffen die zwei schillernde Klang- und Rhythmusgebilde, die mit ihrer überschäumenden Virtuosität stellenweise auch ein wenig anstrengend klingen.“
Christoph Giese / Jazzthetik / 11-12/2015 / S. 81


Shadow Garden @ Schaffhausen Jazzfestival 2016

See here the festival flyer

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CD review by Bruce Lee Gallanter, New York Downtown Gallery

CHRISTY DORAN'S NEW BAG - Elsewhere (Double Moon 71160; Germany) Featuring Christy Doran on electric guitar,
Sarah Buechi on vocal, Vincent Membrez on keyboards and Lionel Friedl on drums & percussion. New Bag has been
Swiss guitar great, Christy Doran's main band for quite a while now. They have at least a eight discs by now
and each version of the band has featured a vocalist. Originally the vocalist was Bruno Amstad who has been
replaced by Sarah Buechi. What's interesting is that on a couple of more recent discs from Mr. Doran (both Jimi
Hendrix tributes), he has also replaced a male singer with a female singer. Mr. Doran always seem to choose
a strong singer who works well and is integral to the success of each band. Although I don't recognize the name
of the keyboard player here, I do recall the drummer, Lionel Friedli, from a few other Swiss bands/discs on
Intakt and Clean Feed. Ms. Buechi actually sings in English and the words are printed in the enclosed booklet.
The music here is a unique blend of strong rock/jazz/prog, which doesn't quite sound like anyone else. The words,
by Ms. Beuchi, are always interesting and deal with the difficulties of relationships and fraught human interactions.
Although there is no bassist here, keyboardist Membrez, does a fine job taking several rolls on electric piano,
organ and synth. Each of these songs are interesting: well-constructed, inventive and evolving in unexpected
ways. each time I listen to this disc, I marvel more and more. Since I had such a hard time coming up with a
top 10 list for vocal discs from last year (2015), I don't hear very much rock music that I dig nowadays. Given
that, this is by far the best rock/prog disc I've heard in a long while. The solos, although great, are kept
to a minimum, it is the songs themselves that remain intriguing throughout. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, DMG
CD $15


review ANIMATA CD (FAZ, 14th of March 2016)

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 14. März 2016

Christoph Haberer - drums, electronics
Sarah Buechi - lyrics, voice

Und das noch

I can\'t find any prototype for this CD, no similar way of connecting the vocal and instrumental concepts of sound: \'Animata\' (Jazzhaus Musik).
It is the result of the collaboration of the young Swiss vocalist Sarah Buechi with her English lyrics and the widely experienced percussionist Christoph Haberer who seems to travel between ethnological research, machined astetics and electronical sound fantasies.
Buechi has proven herself to have a versatile way of singing. She possesses an almost girly and beautiful cantilena, which she can colour in marvelous ways or fuse with metal but from which she can distance herself as well with whispering passages, speech bubbles, yodel like colours and dramatic outbreaks.
The lyrics are all written by her. One is encouraged to read along with them at least once. They deal with wondrous love dreams, hunger for wisdom, love, joy, are cryptic, ordinary, philosophical, surreal, metaphysical.
While consuming the total work of art the lyrics play a minor role or even no role at all during the oustanding musical events and their totally different course on this journey. As for example in one piece where both knock about with sensefree scats. (u.o. FAZ, 14th of March 2016)

buy it here:


CD's 'Flying Letters' and 'Shadow Garden' @ Bandcamp

Now you can buy all Intact Records CD\'s here:


Shadow Garden got 5 Stars in Jazz N' More

Our newest album called 'Shadow Garden' received 5 stars and is the 'CD recommendation' in the Jazz N' More magazine (January, 2016). Text by Steff Rohrbach

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Jazz N More - 5 stars for 'Elsewhere' CD

Christy Doran's newest 'New Bag' - CD 'Elsewhere' receives 5 stars and is the 'CD recommendation' in the Jazz n' More magazine (January, 2016). Text by Steff Rohrbach

Christy Doran's New Bag

Christy Doran - comp. + guitar
Sarah Buechi - voice + lyrics
Vincent Membrez - minimoog + rhodes
Lionel Friedli - drums


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Shadow Garden and ANIMATA CD Review, Jazzpodium, Dec 2015

Jazzpodium, Dec 2015
written by Volker Doberstein

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