Buechi Haberer


Sarah Buechi - voice, lyrics, composition
Christoph Haberer - drums, electronics, composition

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"There is no model for this CD to be found far and wide, no similar combination of vocal and instrumental sound ideas: "Animata" (Jazzhaus Musik). The young Swiss singer Sarah Buechi, who writes poetry in English, and the worldly experienced percussionist Christoph Haberer, who travels between ethnological research, machine aesthetics and electronic sound fantasies, have come together here." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung)

"Congenial complementation exists in the two-piece project Animata. "Duality" is to be taken literally. Christoph Haberer, German percussionist and composition programmer, and Sarah Buechi, Lucerne singer and human sound creator, combine sounds from nature and electronics, keep the balance. (...) They both let their world music experiences flow in. The result is sometimes soulful, sometimes ecstatic. There is something very unique about it, listening is exhausting but rewarding." (Jazzpodium)

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ANIMATA live @ Domicil, Dortmund

ANIMATA during lockdown